News from Our Partners in Transylvania and the Philippines

Do you remember the greeting we made for our partner congregation in Alsojara during the April 3 church service? Rev. Tibor showed the greeting and the choir’s anthems to the congregation on May 15 (Pentecost), projecting it on their sanctuary wall.
Tibor writes, “Pentecost is when we celebrate the birth of the Church, and God as Holy Spirit. …Pentecost is not as important as Christmas or Easter. [There were fewer people in church because of this fact and because] our membership is getting older and four members of our church are very ill, unfortunately. …Even so, people were really touched by the video you sent and now I thank you in their name [for] your lovely way to say hello. You have learned and sung the Hazi aldas in Hungarian and English-this was for us a real surprise-thank you.”
To see our partners watching the greeting, look at the photos posted on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board.
From the Philippines,
Gerry writes, “As of now I already have started my third year classes. It’s very interesting and enjoy[able], [I] met again w/ my friends, classmates. Between semester I don’t have any opportunity to go home because it’s really far, the fare is [very] expensive. It’s better to stay here in my boarding house so that I can minimize the expenses. [I go] home twice a year. By the way I would like to thank you for your financial support it’s really big help for me to build to build a better future life, thank you very much.” Gerry also writes that he knows “Spirit of Life”-in English, because it hasn’t yet been translated into Tagalog. (Thanks to money donated by the congregation, we will be sending Gerry’s 3rd-year 2nd-semester college tuition in June.)