Water Communion our in-gathering service in the fall

UUCR has several traditional celebrations, and some of these we share in common with other Unitarian Universalist congregations. Our holidays and traditions include opening our church year in September with an Ingathering Sunday that includes a Water Communion, and closing the regular church year in June with a Flower Communion ceremony.


We celebrate seasonal holidays such as Thanksgiving with a service “Breaking Bread Together” on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.







Christmas Eve Pageant


We hold two services on Christmas Eve, an earlier Nativity Pageant service and a later “Lessons and Carols” service, both including a candlelight ceremony.



Other services include a Solstice service in December, the ever-unique youth-led service each spring, a Coming of Age service every other year, and a Bridging Sunday service near graduation season for youth aging out of our Religious Education programming.

160501_UUCR_COA_CredoService (31)
The Coming of Age ceremony

We cherish these perennial traditions woven among many novel service themes offered by our minister, ministerial intern and invited guests to our pulpit. Both new and familiar themes feed our spirits!