Throughout the church year, children have several opportunities to attend Multigenerational Worship Services with their families and loved ones. Such services are crafted to engage friends of all ages and include moments of song, silence, prayer, movement and always the lighting of candles! There are busy boxes for children located at either entrance to our sanctuary and children are invited to bring quiet activities to their seats with their loved ones. Ours is a church family that welcomes and cherishes children-we understand wiggles and giggles- all are welcome here.

Multigenerational Worship Services planned for our upcoming church year include:

Sunday September 10, 2017 – Water Communion (Ingathering first Sunday of the church year)-all are invited to bring water symbolizing our summer journeys to share.

Sunday November 19, 2017- Bread Communion (Sunday prior to Thanksgiving)-all are invited to bring a sample of family favorite or traditional bread to share.

Sunday December 24, 2017-Christmas Eve Nativity Service, Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (holiday service times will be announced in September)

Sunday January 14, 2018-Celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday

Sunday April 1, 2018- Easter Sunday Worship

Sunday June 17, 2018- Flower Communion (third Sunday in June)-all are invited to bring a flower from home (or from your walk into church!) to share.

Check back here often for updates!

Youth (Grades 7-12) meet for RE programming on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Youth are always welcome to worship on Sunday mornings!  Our Worship Arts Team welcomes youth into supporting roles in Sunday service and older youth are invited to assist in R.E. classrooms with younger children. Youth are always welcome to come to worship!!