As a member-owned and supported church, we appreciate any donation you are able to make for us. There are a variety of ways in which you may donate money, as listed below. In addition, we welcome your support through volunteering.

Online donations

Click here to donate to us from your bank account (not from your credit card). We also welcome you to set up a monthly contribution through your bank’s online Bill Pay system using our name and address:

Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading
239 Woburn Street
Reading, MA 01867

Support us while you shop online

We are an Amazon Affiliate.  You can support UUCR at no additional cost to you by using this Amazon link. You may also wish to look at our very short list of introductory UU books at

In church

Each church service, we pass around a collection plate where you may donate cash or a check made out to UUCR. For some services where we spotlight a particular charity, we may pass around a second collection plate to benefit that charity as well.

Special campaigns

Once a decade or so, we run special campaigns to fund large projects necessary to grow or maintain our church, such as to repair facilities, add on or purchase new buildings, or make other significant additions to our program and facilities. We are currently running a new campaign called “Pass on the Light”, with a goal of raising $750,000 toward upgrading our church building, making some needed repairs, and hiring additional personnel.

Annual pledge

Each spring, we hold our annual pledge drive. During the drive, our members pledge their level of support for the one-year period from July to the following July. If you would like to submit a pledge card, please print out this form and mail it to us or turn it into the church collection basket.

How much should I give to UUCR?
Only you know what amount fits with your budget and priorities. Our guide is to “give until it feels good”. One rule of thumb you may find helpful is to give 5% of your income to your main church and another 5% to charities of your choice.

We appreciate your support!