Acquaint Thyself

On this first Sunday of our ministry together I’ll be using Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous address to the 1838 graduating class from Harvard’s Divinity School as the basis of my sermon. Emerson asked the graduates to imagine new ways of seeing the world and their ministry. My sermon will be asking you to imagine how we will be doing “church” here in the near future and with whom we will be doing it. As Joe Strummer said “the future is unwritten.”

Hold Hands

This summer, people rescued a family from a riptide by holding hands to form a human chain. Come hear more, from Minnesota to Myanmar: stories of connection, solidarity, and care through our hands.

Roald’s Gospel Review: “Songs From The Resistance”

Songs can help inspire the good fight. Battles against external threats like bad governance, greed, hateful ideologies, injustice. Or internal battles against addiction, despair, disease, isolation. Roald Wilson concludes the 25th season of Summer Services at UUCR with songs to help us “keep our eyes on the prize.”