Liz Weber

The Third Lap: A Word Salad Sermon

One Service Sunday 10am. Worship Leader: Liz Weber. Liz’s Soiree auction item last year was to challenge her with a word to include in a sermon. Five church members won the right to choose a word. Those words are: balance, birthday, fake, furry, and paradise. Today, … read more.

The Practice and the Promise: Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism and UUCR

Two Services. 9:15 AM (Featured Musicians). 11:00 AM (Choir). Worship Leader: Liz Weber

What if our worship centered entirely around the voices and the experiences of black Unitarian Universalists? As part of our commitment to anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy, we will join congregations from across the country in doing just that today. What might we learn as we reflect on the practice of anti-racism and our promises for the future?

On Birth Days and Blessings

Ministerial Intern Liz Weber at 9:15 and 11:00 (Featured Musician: Margaret Scharff) 
Take this Sunday morning to re-center yourself after the rush of Thanksgiving. We’ll have space for personal reflection layered around one of Liz’s favorite stories. Reconnect with yourself and your community in this “mini-retreat” worship. Kids, youth, and adults all welcome!

With Heart

Ministerial Intern Liz Weber – October 22nd, 2017 – 9:15 and 11 am

What physical or spiritual barriers keep us from living with heart? How might we live more courageously if we lived more whole-hearted lives? Come explore how we can transform these barriers into radical … read more.

Hold Hands

This summer, people rescued a family from a riptide by holding hands to form a human chain. Come hear more, from Minnesota to Myanmar: stories of connection, solidarity, and care through our hands.

Animal Blessing Sunday

Animal blessings are often celebrated around the Feast of St. Francis in early October, but they could be celebrated at any time. Our mid-summer service will honor the importance of our furry and feathered friends, including a time of blessing. All animals welcome!

And Then (A Mini-Retreat)

It can be easy to think we’re “too busy” for spiritual practice. But a retreat can be as simple as a Sunday morning. Today’s service will be similar to the New Year’s Day mini-retreat, with opportunities for reflection, making art, journaling, and more. Our theme will be living with heart. Come find rest and rejuvenation without even leaving the pew!

24-Hour Grace

Many of us were raised with ideas about grace that we have since rejected. For others of us, grace was never an important concept. But could it be? What does “grace” mean to a Unitarian Universalist, anyway? Let’s explore together..

Bridging Sunday

Liz Weber, Ministerial Intern –  May 21, 2017 – 10 am (choir singing)
Bridging is a tradition shared by UUs across the country. Today we honor our senior youth as they transition into young adulthood, and we reflect on transitions in all our lives. Kids, youth, … read more.

“Creating Inner Sanctuary”

Liz Weber, Ministerial Intern / April 2nd – 10 am (Choir)
Each of us sometimes needs to take refuge, and each of us can sometimes offer refuge to another. Last month we explored how we can create sanctuary for each other. Now we’ll ask: How can … read more.