Meet our Final Candidate: Reverend Hank Peirce!

Rev. Hank Peirce

It is our great honor and pleasure to announce that we have unanimously selected Rev. Hank Peirce as our candidate for settled ministry at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading.

Rev. Hank’s family name of Peirce is pronounced “purse,” with roots in our Bay State churches that reach back centuries. Hank is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and a highly experienced minister. He graduated from the Andover-Newton Theological School in 1998 and was ordained by his home church, the First Unitarian Church of New Bedford. Since 1999, Hank has served several congregations, including 12 years as settled minister at the UU Church of Medford. Most recently, Hank was Sabbatical Minister for the Stow & Acton church after previously serving as Interim Minister for the Milton and Westford churches.

The Ministerial Search Team is very impressed by Rev. Hank’s many strengths and talents, including his ability to create a ministry that is focused on worship and outreach. Hank is a creative thinker and a strong collaborator who values innovative worship. With a welcoming and authentic nature, Hank makes real connections across the generational spectrum.  He is deeply committed to spiritual growth, community building, social justice, compassionate pastoral care and service to interfaith and UU associations. Together we can live our mission by transforming ourselves and making a positive impact on the community. We can’t wait for you to meet him!

In addition to Rev. Hank’s extensive ministerial skills, he brings a unique background and variety of interests to our congregation. Hank was deeply involved in the punk rock scene of the 1980s in Boston and worked as a roadie for several bands traveling the country and the world. He is a history buff, especially when it comes to UUism and New England history, and he is is also a Freemason. Hank is a regular contributor on the VUU, a weekly online talk show from the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and he created the “Hot Stove Report” on Facebook, which is a page to discuss and distribute information about the ministerial search process.

Rev. Hank with his wife, Rebecca and his daughters, Ruth and Bethiah.

Hank and his wife, Rebecca Scott, have been married since 2002 and they live in Medford with their two beautiful daughters, Ruth (age 12) and Bethiah (age 9). Rebecca also grew up a Unitarian Universalist, but in Vancouver, British Columbia. Both she and the girls have dual Canadian/American citizenship. We will have opportunities to meet the family during candidating week.

Rev. Hank will be with us for a week of events from April 29 through May 7, including Sunday services on April 30 and May 7. You will have several opportunities to get to know Hank and ask questions. We are in the process of finalizing the calendar of events for the week. As soon as the calendar is ready, we will make it available at social hour, by email, and at our table in the atrium.

The candidating week culminates on May 7 with a congregational meeting following the service when we will vote to call the minister. Please mark your calendar and cancel any other conflicting plans! You must be both present at the meeting and a member to vote on May 7. Remember, you can become a member at any time – contact Melissa Martin, Member Services & Volunteer Coordinator, at for more information.

If you would like more details about Rev. Hank Peirce, visit his personal website, Hank has also created a video message of introduction for UUCR:

As always, feel free to contact us in person or by email at if you have any questions.  

Your Ministerial Search Team – Lorraine Dennis – Chairperson, Michele Catalano, Laura Cavicchio, George Marinakis, David Oakes, Dakota Raine, and Mary Wahlman-Krogh