In the Interim, June 9, 2016

catherine_headshot_aug_2010_2Dear members and friends at UUCR,
I’ve lived in several different places as an adult and I always seem to boomerang back to southern New England as the place where the cycles of the seasons most synchronize with my own perennial rhythm.  The fall has that edgy crispness of “something challenging ahead” that helps me lean into the busy and darkening months.  The winter months force me to economize my energy to meet the physical demands of the season and the emotional demands of the holidays.  Spring seems longer and longer in coming each year, much as my to-do lists seem to grow in proportion, and at the same time there is more light, more color, more fragrance and more birdsong week by week.
And finally summer beckons, assuring me that the days really can be long enough, and warm enough, and peaceful enough, to schedule some time to just read and rest and reflect or to spend with friends and family not present in my day-to-day life.  Everything is still here, but different. Soon there will be summer services here at UUCR to entice you, and they are as different from the fall-to-spring cycle as the weather is.  We’re preparing a brochure of services and will also have the information on our website.  Do come!
Warm regards,
Rev. Catherine Senghas
Interim Minister