Coming of Age (9th & 10th graders)

Offered to blended groups of 9th and 10th graders, this milestone program invites youth to identify and articulate their own beliefs, acknowledging that faith development is a fluid and lifelong process. In a ‘Small Group Ministry’ setting, youth meet throughout the year with adult advisors, UUCR staff members and mentors for shared discussion that invites participants to consider their own religious history-drawing on personal experiences, knowledge and understanding. With the guidance of trusted adults, youth reflect on spiritual questions, exploring such concepts as the nature of creation, the existence of good and evil, a purposeful life, wondering about the nature of death and everlasting life. Youth are encouraged to identify where, and with whom, they find comfort, meaning and inspiration. Each participant is encouraged to create a ‘Credo Statement’ (a statement of faith) and all are invited to present their statements to the congregation during a traditional ‘Coming of Age Worship Service’ at the end of the church year.

Senior High Youth Group (SHYP for grades 9-12)

Our senior high youth program, known as “SHYP”, provides a safe and welcoming place for youth to have fun, makes connections, and serve our neighbors and friends both locally and globally. Each year SHYP youth make and sell soup to the congregation to fund their activities and service work. This group serves friends and neighbors through street ministry with CityReach Boston and they go on retreat to craft their collective vision for their group’s purpose and alignment with the mission of UUCR. Each year SHYP youth offer a Worship Service to the congregation and are present in many other aspects of church life.

Youth leaders and adult advisors share leadership and roles that support the mission of SHYP. This group meets on Sunday afternoons and evenings throughout the church year.

Other Opportunities

Youth are valued and visible at UUCR. Teens deepen their connections with their peers here, partner with adults in living our mission, and participate as leaders in our congregation.  Adult members and friends support youth in their gatherings and encourage congregational connections that draw on emerging skills, nurturing a developing identity with Unitarian Universalism.Senior High youth are invited to assist in classrooms, assume roles in worship and to join functioning committees of the church.