Religious Education for Children

What Do Children Learn in a Unitarian Universalist Church School?

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading provides childcare for infants and toddlers and Religious Education (RE) classes for children (age four through Grade 6) on Sunday mornings. RE classes and activities at UUCR offer engaging places of belonging for children, encouraging natural wonder about the world and relationships with other living beings and our planet. Children are guided with lessons that include stories, activities and rituals to invite such exploring of ideas! We know that church can be a unique, important place in your child’s life where all are respected as individuals while practicing their own essential, interdependent roles in a community. Your child will be challenged to consider answers to timeless questions while affirming and supporting others. This happens through study, worship, community engagement and participation in many traditional holidays and rituals.


Nursery (Infants & Toddlers)

We offer a fun and nurturing nursery/play space for babies and toddlers (to age 4) during both worship services (9:15am, 11:00am) or on ‘Single Service Sundays’ at 10:00am. Our Nursery is located in the Sawyer Nursery School, staffed by professional childcare providers Terry and Stacey Hill who are assisted by church member adults and older youth. Children may be delivered to nursery ten minutes prior to the start of worship services during the months of September through June. (See our church calendar or announcements for worship schedule)

Sunday Morning Classes for Elementary Grades

Religious Education classes are offered for children Pre-K through Grade 6 on most Sunday mornings of the church year. Children begin worship in the sanctuary and then leave for classes with leaders when called. All RE programming is offered during our first worship service (9:15am) or on One Service Sundays at 10:00am. Classes begin on Sunday September 17th, 2017 and study will focus on ‘Unitarian Universalist Identity’. Classes are differentiated by age and age appropriate curricula and are staffed with volunteer teaching teams that include parents/guardians and other church members. We acknowledge RE as a shared ministry of our church and we are grateful for our volunteers, honoring their roles as leaders and guides for our young people. Our teaching teams are supported with training, curricula, classroom resources and staff assistance. You will find details about our yearly theme, class differentiation, curricula and volunteering in our brochure.                  RE Brochure 2017-2018

All children and youth MUST be registered before becoming a regular participant in our religious education program. Kindly contact our Director, Sally Liebermann ( to arrange a visit or to learn more about our offerings for children and youth. Families who choose to register their children are asked to complete our required forms (see below). If there are particular ways that your child’s uniqueness and special needs can be accommodated so that their experience is as positive as possible, please note details on the registration form or arrange for a direct conversation with the Director of Lifespan Religious Education.  We ask that all parents/guardians/adult loved ones acknowledge that our cooperative program depends upon volunteer commitments of adults from all participating families and thank you for acknowleding that registration is not complete without a Parent Participation form.

Please click here to register: RE Registration Form 2017-2018

Please click here to register your Volunteer Commitment: Parent Participation-Volunteer Commitment Form 2017-18



Our Cooperative Program

We acknowledge that the home is the primary place of learning about life and that adult caregivers are a child’s first spiritual guides. As such all parents/guardians are encouraged to volunteer in congregational life to compliment a shared family spiritual journey. We acknowledge that the Religious Education of our children and youth is a shared ministry belonging to all members of our church community. Programming for children is funded by the UUCR church operating budget and classes and activities are open to all church members and friends. There are no fees for ongoing participation though at times we collect optional donations of money and goods for specific causes (or to fund special activities). Members and friends support RE by financially supporting the church (with pledges or regular donations) and by sharing time and talents.

We currently enjoy the presence of over 100 children and youth at UUCR and our vibrant program would not be possible without the dedication of over 70 volunteers who staff classrooms, group activities, special projects and field trips!

Ours is a cooperative model and our community expects that all adult caregivers (parents/guardians/adult loved ones) of registered children and youth will participate in some way. We also enjoy the support of many volunteers of all adult ages who are not parents. Church can provide an opportunity for children to develop healthy trusting relationships with adults who are not their primary caregivers, enriching cross generational relationships for all. Many adults who lead in the classroom or with RE activities discover a renewed sense of community, engagement and learning that is nurturing and inspiring.

Share our ministry! Our volunteers are appreciated and supported-we need and value your gifts of time and talent. If you would like help finding a volunteer opportunity to match your interests and availability, please contact Sally Liebermann, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, or any member of the Religious Education Committee. Thank you to all of our dedicated, talented volunteers!