Our Unitarian Universalist principles represent a model for an ethical, faith-filled, and compassionate life.  

              Our Unitarian Universalist sources inspire us, 

across time and tradition, 

to be people of good faith and right action.


Lifespan Religious Education

 Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading

Our Mission

Inspired by our Unitarian Universalist principles and sources, we seek to offer engaging and compelling religious education programming that integrates our Unitarian Universalist principles into critical thinking skill, empowering people of all ages to make choices for compassionate and ethical actions.

Our Themes

Children’s programming rotates on a three-year cycle for elementary grades. Pillar themes include the study of our Judeo-Christian heritage, Unitarian Universalist History & Identity and the study of justice in systems and relationships. Adolescents and teens are offered classes that include the study of World Religions and our milestone ‘Coming of Age’ program. Adults focus on education that deepens our spirituality & connections to one another through study, spiritual practice and through outreach to friends and neighbors, locally and globally.

Our Vision

Acknowledging that faith development is an unfolding, lifelong process, we continually review and assess our opportunities to provide engaging, transformative experiences for learners of all ages. We acknowledge that the thriving church of the 21st century is attentive and responsive to contemporary needs of its members, offering programming that enriches and supports all members of our congregation.

Relevant Teams and Committees

The R.E. Committee works creatively with staff and lay leaders, enthusiastically supporting the mission of Religious Education at UUCR to ensure that all programming  for children and youth is safe, staffed, contemporary and accessible. This committee enjoys a diverse membership of volunteer leaders. Some, though not all, are parents of children and/or teens enrolled in programming. Several members have experience serving on the Governing Board and other committees that support functioning operations of UUCR. Some members actively lead R.E. classrooms while others keep the administration of R.E. intact, effective and efficient.

Religious Education Committee –  Members include:

Theo Noell, Chair, 2017-2018 and Liaison to Grades 3 & 4

Lynne Champion, Data Administrator

Katie Wheeler, Liaison to Nursery/Playschool

Leslie Raymond, Liaison to Spirit Play

Melissa Plowman, Liaison to Grades 1 & 2

Katie Camire, Liaison to Grades 5 & 6

Robyn Matzke, Liason to Grades 7 & 8 ‘Neighboring Faiths’

Will White, Liaison to Senior High Youth Programming (SHYP)

The DLRE and the Minister serve ex-officio and work collaboratively with the committee.