The Kris Kringle Fair needs YOU to make it a success! The Fair runs completely on volunteer power. Whether you are new to the church or have been coming to many of our annual Fairs, participating in the Fair is a great way to meet others and to serve the church.


  • Raffle co-leader (1)
  • External Publicity (1)
  • Kids-Only Holiday Shop (2)

Contact Jenna Rankin Doucette ( or drop by the Fair table after church service during Fellowship Hour. We will describe the positions and how much help is already in place to help you.

HELPERS are needed for the week before and the day of the Fair. You can get more information and find your perfect spot by:

  • Speaking to volunteer recruiters after church during Fellowship Hour
  • Saying “YES” to Team Leaders who may be contacting you.
  • Staying for an hour after 1-service Sunday on November 5th to help set up the Kris Kringle Fair tables and signs. Check in with Chris Doucette.
  • Emailing Robyn Matzke, our Volunteer Coordinator, at

To learn more see the links below:

About the Fair

Donating to the Fair