Kris Kringle Fair Update for Oct 18



Saturday, November 12th,

9 a.m. – 3 p.m.



The Kris Kringle Fair is fast approaching and we need YOU to help make it a success!

There are many ways to help before, during and after the fair. Please stop by the KK Fair Table at Sunday Social Hours to ask questions and to sign up for the jobs that fit you best or email Jenna Rankin Doucette at

Volunteer for the Fair—a great way to Meet and Serve

Whether you are new to the church or have been coming to many of our annual fairs, participating in the Fair is a great way to meet others and to serve the church.

  • Volunteer Assistants are needed NOW to sit with the fair chair at the KK Fair table during Sunday Social Hours for the next few weeks to help recruit and sign up fair volunteers.
  • Get the Word Out! Take some Flyers available at the KK Fair table to post in your local area (libraries, coffee shops, grocery stores…) to advertise our fair to the wider community.
  • Set-up (Chris Doucette), Parking/Shuttle (Rob Craig-Comin) and Clean-Up (Mark Taitz) offer opportunities to help the week before, during and immediately after the last sale on Fair Day.
  • Live Music helps set the holiday spirit of the fair. Can you play an instrument, sing as a solo, in a duet, or with a small group? Share your music with us. (Molly Smith)
  • All Tables have time slots to fill during the fair.  It’s easy to sign up at Social Hour.

Do you have a couple of hours (day or evening) to help out the week before the Fair? Contact Jenna at Social Hours or email to help between Nov. 6th-11th.

Raffle tickets sales underway! Buy early and often. Kristine Blum is selling tickets at Sunday Social Hours for chances at the 2016 ”Pass on the Light” quilt hanging in the sanctuary and for other great items.

Donate! Bake! Be Crafty! Donations can be delivered the week before the fair. Drop-off instructions will be published next week.

Clean out closets of accumulated treasures you are ready to part with so we can sell them.

  • Silent Auction. For high-end donations, special collectibles, gift baskets. (Paula Tucci)
  • Attic Treasures. Gently used wares, furniture, decorations, craft supples, sports equipment, etc. Please NO electronics, mugs, glass vases. (Alec & Kevin Kealing)
  • Have large items that could be auctioned before the fair? (Diane Chapin)
  • Books. Please NO textbooks, magazines, audio tapes, or computer programs on floppy disks. (Anne Mark & Gail Page)
  • Potpourri. New or like-new items for re-gifting. (Joan Cushing & Beth Brauer).
  • Toys and Kids’ Books. Toys, puzzles, games DVDs. (Rebecca Griffin & Janee Tichy)
  • Kids Only Gift Shop. Inexpensive items youngsters can buy as gifts for others. (Becky O’Neill, Gloria Little)

Bake, Can, Assemble

  • Baked Goods. All your homemade baked yummies. Please list ingredients or provide recipe. (Dru Wood-Beckwith & Rose McAuley)
  • Country Store. Would love some of your jams, jellies, pickles, sauces, spice mixes you have put up this fall. Anything you ‘d like to find in an old country store fits. (Lorraine Dennis & Liz Lovell)

Create, Sew, Craft, Produce

  • Boutique welcomes any sort of handcrafted items, holiday themed items are our specialty. (Susanne Sullivan & Tammy Zambo)