Once a month, our church kitchen fills with the aromas of garlic and chicken, the sound of carrots being chopped, and the warmth of lively conversation. UUCR volunteers are making garlic bread and pasta primavera with chicken for the first-Saturday-of-the-month meal that will serve about 150 guests at Bread & Roses soup kitchen in Lawrence. Others shop, deliver the meal, and serve the guests — and many more support the effort with money to buy the food.

Since 2013 UUCR has been forging ever-deeper connections with Bread & Roses, an organization that is “guided by a spirit of hospitality, nonviolence, and respect for the dignity of each person who comes through [its] door.”

As one dedicated UUCR Bread and Roses cook says, “I’ll spend three hours in the church kitchen once a month to prepare a meal for others because I can. I can’t end hunger or poverty all by myself, but this one small thing is something I can do…Together we produce something tangible and useful that may bring comfort to someone who needs it.”

Here is a picture of the recent cooks, and the chicken pasta primavera they prepared:

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