In the Interim, June 2, 2016

Dear members and friends at UUCR,
Matt Myer, our guest worship leader last Sunday, asked the provocative question “What does it look like to be a Unitarian Universalist on Tuesday?”  I’ve been thinking about his question each day this week, and today I asked myself “What does it look like to be a UU minister on Thursday?”
‘Great question! It helps to look at what I’m doing through that lens, seeking the underlying meaning in each activity I undertake each day.  This morning Deb Weiner, Kirsten Freni and I spent two hours with Marianne Bezaire being oriented to the new website as we move with great anticipation toward its launch and learn more about how we’ll support it as an ever-evolving site.  It seems like a substantial administrative and technical undertaking, but this is the face we present to the world. Who will find us through our website and what will they learn about us?  How much better will we soon be able to communicate among ourselves?
The afternoon promises check-in meetings with two staff members as we constantly check to be sure we are “rowing together” and fully understand each other’s workloads and needs as we work to support the church.  And this evening I’ll participate as a member of the Reading Clergy Association at the Baccalaureate Service for Reading Memorial High School, to be held at St. Agnes Parish just down the road from here.  I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Olivia Cronin-Golomb deliver her senior reflection. She has shared it with me already and I was touched to read how her experiences here at UUCR have had exactly the impact we’d wish for all the children who grow up here in this religious community.
It’s a regular Thursday–filled with grace and making me feel so very grateful to be your minister!
Warm regards,
Rev. Catherine Senghas
Interim Minister