Please sign up for a specific date-time slot to usher at this link.


Thank you so much for volunteering for this important service to our congregation! Please plan to arrive 20-25 minutes prior to the worship service. Ushers offer a friendly and kind welcome to all – a smile and quick “good morning” as people enter the sanctuary. If no one else is helping you usher, ask a friend or see the Member Services Coordinator (MSC) who will help find another usher. Help new ushers “learn the ropes.” Ushers have reserved seats in the last pews in the sanctuary; please sit there with anyone who accompanied you to service. These instructions are the “nuts and bolts.” Full details and checklist can be found in the usher book on the usher table in the narthex.

  • The atrium is the sun-lit area in the addition between the sanctuary and fellowship hall.
  • The narthex is the foyer on the Woburn Street side of the church.
  • The chancel is the very front of the sanctuary.
  • The Austin transept is the small open room of the sanctuary to the right of the chancel.
  • Please put on an Usher/Welcome Ambassador badge (purple) along with your nametag.
  • Staff provides the Orders of Service (OOS) and any inserts, kept in plastic containers in the Narthex. Assemble the OOS with inserts, if any. Place the OOS on folding tables by both the atrium and narthex entries to the sanctuary.
  • One usher should be by the narthex entry and one should be by the atrium entry, handing out OOS while greeting members, friends, guests and visitors as they arrive.
  • Encourage everyone to wear his or her nametag. Provide stick-on nametags to newcomers.
  • Ask newcomers to fill-out a yellow sign-up form if they would like to be contacted by the MSC and receive our email newsletter.
  • Point out or introduce newcomers to the MSC, if available, and to the minister, if possible.
  • As the service begins, close the sanctuary doors and take your seat in the rear of the sanctuary. Help latecomers find seats if need be.
  • At some point, count the number of congregants. If children are sung-out to Religious Education, then they are not included in this count. Fill out the usher’s blue Attendance Book.
  • The OOS indicates when the collection will be and the Worship Associate usually announces it. Perform the collection using the brass plates – see detailed instructions.
  • Tally the collection; fill-in and sign the tally sheet. Put both in a collection envelope.
  • Deposit the envelope into the slot safe in the UUCR copier/mailroom. The safe is installed into the copier/mailroomcement floor to the right of the copier.
  • If there is a special collection, the same process should be used. Special collection money must always be kept separate, and separately labeled, from church offertory donations. Mark the envelope clearly that it is for the special collection.
  • After the service, walk through the pews collecting OOS for recycling & children’s busy boxes. Tidy up hymnals.

Thank you for a job much appreciated and well done!

Updated Fall 2013, Membership Team

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