1. There is a coffee hour after each of the two Sunday church services. A volunteer host/coffee maker is recruited for each coffee hour. Hosts should plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to their shift.
  2. The coffee hour hosts are responsible for making and serving coffee and tea and providing juice and crackers for the children.
  3. The primary job of the 9:00 host is to fill two coffee maker urns (one for regular, and one for de-caf), and set out all supplies for both adults and kids as described below. The initial brew should provide a sufficient quantity of coffee for both coffee hours.
  4. The primary job of the 11:00 host is to carefully remove the grounds from each urn (see instructions under “Making/Refreshing the coffee” below) and tidy counter and replenish supplies for adults and kids. The 11:00 host is also responsible for clean up at the end of the morning.
  5. The two hosts may want to check with each other to coordinate the supplying of dairy and refreshments.
  6. It is at the option of the hosts if food is to be served, although it has been the custom. Note: this does not mean “lunch”. Crackers and cheese, cookies and fruit will fill the bill. Cakes are not encouraged as cake debris on the floor makes for a difficult clean up. UUCR is a peanut free zone. Please do not bring peanut butter or bakery goods containing peanuts to coffee hour.
  7. The Church provides coffee, tea, sweeteners, cups (hot and cold) plastic utensils, table covers, napkins, paper plates, etc. The host provides milk, half and half, juice and (fish) crackers. Before shopping, hosts should check the church’s supply of juice and fish crackers as sometimes a surplus builds up.
  8. It is highly recommended that the host provide the coffee/tea lighteners in one-quart containers and dispense from same. This is a convenient, less messy and more sanitary, method and eliminates the need to clean and sanitize pitchers or other dispensers. If pitchers or other dispensers are used, they must be thoroughly cleaned using detergent and scrubbers before returning to storage.
  9. All coffee hour preparations should be made prior to leaving for the church service. Coffee must be made and brewing prior to the 9:00 a.m. service. If convenient, visit the kitchen ahead of time and familiarize yourself with its layout and workings and the location of the various supplies to reduce the possibility any last minute surprises.
  10. Store milk and other perishables in the fridge prior to coffee hour. While the fridge is usually off-line, it should be on when the 9:00 host arrives. If not, turn on immediately upon arriving.
  11. Serve beverages from the windows over the kitchen counter. Serve food from tables in the hall. If assistance is required with table set up, arrange with Marc Evans, our facilities manager, well in advance. If you are setting up yourself, the tables are located in the utility room beyond the kitchen. Table covers are optional.
  12. The kitchen and Hall must be neat and clean before you leave for the day; 11:00 host please note.
  13. Any leftover dairy or food may not be left on the premises. Please discard, give away or take home. At the end of the 11:00 coffee hour, please turn the fridge off.


2 one-quart boxes each of half & half and low/no fat milk.

2 half gallon jugs of apple juice (least expensive).

1 large container of fish or animal crackers.

Other goodies to share if desired.


The large, 60 cup urn is used for regular and a smaller, 30 cup urn is for decaf. Urns are located in the lower left hand cupboard under the counter. The coffee grounds and measuring cups are in the cupboard next to the urns.

  1. Fill the large urn right up to the 60 cup mark with cold water. (Run a little through the spout to clear any old coffee.)
  2. Place 3-½ cups of regular coffee in the basket. Assemble the screen and dome and lock in place (make sure the glass top is tight).
  3. Fill a small urn to the 20 cup level with cold water (run a little water through spout).
  4. Place 2 cups of decaf coffee in the basket, assemble and lock lid in place.
  5. Label the urns. Labels are in box with coffee. Electrical cords are in the top left drawer under counter.
  6. Before going to Church, plug both urns into the double receptacle to the left of the counter.
  7. Ensure the urns are perking before leaving for Church. Touch for heat and/or listen for perking sounds.


  1. Just before the 11:00 a.m. service, the host needs to remove the used coffee grounds from each urn to prevent re-perking.
  2. Unplug the urns, carefully remove the basket and dump the grounds in the waste barrel under the counter. The basket and grounds are hot—use hand protection.
  3. Reassemble urns and re-plug.
  4. Make sure lids are locked.

MAKING THE TEA (Preparing the tea water)

Tea drinkers prepare their own tea using hot water and tea bags provided

  1. Fill a tea kettle with cold water and pre-heat before Church service. Most of the stove burners have pilots matches are not needed. If you find a burner without a pilot, there are matches in the closet to the left.
  2. Turn the burner off before leaving for Church
  3. Reheat the kettle at the end of the service and fill two insulated carafes found in the lower cabinet furthest to the right under the counter. There is a white one and a blue one-both labeled “hot water”
  4. Refill and heat a second, reserve kettleful of water.
  5. Regular, decaf and herbal tea bags are in compartments ofthe amenity dispenser (tower)


  • A dispenser with compartments containing sugar/sweetener packets, stirrers and various tea bags is stored in the base cabinet immediately to the left of the stove.
  • At the end of the second coffee hour, tidy up the dispenser, restock if necessary and return to its cabinet. There are bulk supplies in a base cabinet under the serving window for restocking.


  1. The smaller window to the far left of the main serving area is where the kids are served juice and crackers.
  2. Serve the juice in 5 ounce cold cups about ¾ filled. Fill the cups from an aluminum pitcher found in the lower cabinet far right.
  3. Fish crackers are served from a large bowl (plastic or aluminum). Kids help themselves using the small, 3 ounce paper (bathroom) cups.
  4. You or a member of your team will need to monitor the kid’s throughout the coffee hour. They can devour the juice and crackers as fast as you can fill the cups.
  5. One or two kids may ask for cocoa. There are packets available to satisfy this request if you wish to honor.


  • Viewing the counter from the kitchen — from the left — place first the decaf urn (short cord), then in turn, cups, regular urn, dairy boxes, the amenities, trash receptacle, hot water carafes, a few more cups for tea and a stack of napkins.
  • Cups, napkins, table covers, plastic ware etc. are in the closet just inside the kitchen.
  • If you are cutting cheese, bread or other foods and need a knife, there is a variety of cutlery in the left hand drawer in the cook’s table. Cutting boards are in the center drawer under the window counter.
  • Monitor the counter for spills-wipe up as necessary.
  • Replenish amenities, cups, hot water and dairy as needed.

CLEAN UP (after the second coffee hour)

  1. Unplug the urns midway through the coffee hour. Coffee will stay sufficiently hot.
  2. Disassemble coffee urns and dump grounds into barrel under counter. (If not previously done)
  3. Pour any left over coffee into sink (caution: coffee can be very hot)
  4. Do not put garbage in sink. There is no disposal.
  5. Using a handi-wipe, clean urn components with water only. Rinse well, including urn spout. Leave spouts open. Urns may be loosely reassembled and returned to cabinet to air dry.
  6. Wash by hand any utensils used, especially knives and cutting boards. Dish detergent is at the sink.
  7. Stow everything back into their respective cabinets and/or drawers.
  8. Wipe down all counters and cook’s table with damp handi-wipes (include detergent if necessary). Dry with paper towels.
  9. Sanitize counters and table by spraying with sanitizing solution. Sanitizing spray bottles are kept on the cleaning supply rack in the area immediately beyond the kitchen. This is a bleach solution so be careful not to spray clothing.
  10. Finally dry and polish with paper towels.
  11. Wipe down and return tables to storage room (or leave for Marc).
  12. Sweep up crumbs in hall, atrium and kitchen.
  13. Brooms etc. in utility room beyond kitchen.
  14. Make sure the stove is off.
  15. Turn out the lights in kitchen and Fellowship Hall.
  16. Remember to take all leftover food and dairy home with you.



The church does own china mugs and plates, and it is possible for coffee hour hosts to choose the “greener option” of using those instead of paper cups that will be thrown away IF both hosts agree, and IF they are willing to reach out to John Sullivan at or 781-942-0470 to arrange for someone to be there to instruct them in the use of the dishwasher, or run the dishwasher himself.

If both hosts are in agreement, the 9:00 host would get out the cups (and plates if desired), which live on covered rolling carts under the stairs behind the kitchen. The 11:00 host would stack them in special racks and assist running them through the dishwasher after the second coffee hour.

This is entirely optional, and can be arranged at the discretion of both coffee hour hosts.