Worship Volunteer Opportunities

For many years, UUCR has been organizing the various roles that are required to make each Sunday morning experience run smoothly, through an “opt-in” volunteer sign up program. Through that model, church members would sign up for the roles of ushering, coffee making and chancel flowers a few times each year. In April 2017, we launched a new approach to this, based on the very successful model used at another Massachusetts UU Church of similar size. This new approach to our shared ministry of Sunday mornings, will continue the sentiment that “it takes a village,” requiring a collaborative, team approach, depending on each one of us to make it possible.

The Sunday Morning TEAM Pilot Program (Together Everyone Achieves More), our new volunteer program, is where our members and friends will be brought together on one of six teams. Our 280+ members, as well as friends and long term visitors, are invited to participate in this opportunity for them to further engage in Sunday morning congregational life. These individuals have been assigned to one of six teams identified by color – Red Team, Orange Team, Yellow Team, Green Team, Blue Team and Purple Team – and each team will be assigned to cover the Sunday morning signups for just two months of the calendar year. Members are assigned alphabetically to a team, so that each team in the pilot consists of 50 – 60+ individuals, to cover 40+ roles for each of the two months they are assigned.

Under this new model, Sunday morning roles have been broken down into even smaller, more manageable pieces or roles, making it easier for individuals to help out twice a year, with the overview that each individual is part of a bigger team, making all of this possible. Because we do not want to leave anyone out of this opportunity for connection and service, this model works as an “opt-out” program, as oppose to the “opt-in” approach we have depended on for decades.

Many thanks goes to Cathy Lilly, Sunday Jobs Coordinator, at the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence, for graciously sharing this model that her congregation has found success with. When asked what what she might share with each of you regarding the three year success her congregation has experienced with this model, she shared:

“On Sunday mornings, there are always newcomers who have found volunteering for a Sunday Job an easy way to begin getting involved. This program has deepened our community by inviting everyone to play a role and lend a hand.”

Please contact Melissa Martin, Member Services and Volunteer Coordinator, if you have questions about your team assignment, or wish to be added to a team.

For more Information

For your convenience, you can sign up to volunteer during worship services (and see who else has volunteered) here. If you are willing to fill an empty slot, enter your full name and contact information. Detailed descriptions are available with the sign-up sheet