UUCR’s Pastoral Care Team (PCT) is a central part of the congregation’s shared ministry, greatly extending the pastoral reach of the minister. This lay-led group of specially-trained volunteers, with the support of our minister and intern minister, is focused primarily on attending to the direct pastoral needs of the congregation and also extending support to one another as we meet these pastoral needs. The ministry of the PCT has been especially helpful during times of ministerial transition, such as our current period of interim ministry.

Direct pastoral needs include contact with those who are isolated or experiencing a loss or stressful situation by telephone calls, notes, and visits, and the coordination of memorial service events. Each month, PCT members check in with people we are supporting and report back to the group leadership and minister with an update.

The PCT also leads special events, such as the annual “When Holidays Hurt” service in December, to meet particular needs of the community.

Members of the lay Pastoral Care Team are trained to listen without judgment and to keep confidential what we discuss. Currently, the PCT is fortunate to include two professional chaplains. Our team and community benefit from the special training these religious professionals bring to our congregational life.

Please contact the Pastoral Care Team at: pastoralcare@uureading.org