The Caring and Sharing ministry assists members and friends of the church who need help due to illness or emergency.  This includes providing meals, transportation to and from appointments and communication by cards and notes.

Caring & Sharing is currently coordinated by Nancy Bond and Sharlene Reynolds Santo. With the assistance of many UUCR volunteers the coordinator arranges for transportation and/or meals for those members and friends that are experiencing a personal situation or medical condition that makes it challenging for them to provide for themselves.

The minister, church administrator, or a church member or friend informs the coordinator of a need. The coordinator then contacts the person needing assistance and, together, they determine the best way to proceed.  An email is then sent to our list of volunteers requesting the necessary help. Anyone who is able to help responds and appropriate arrangements are made.

Can Caring and Sharing help you?

Please reach out to us if it may be possible to assist you in any way. We are happy to help!

Interested in helping with Caring and Sharing?

We welcome additional coordinators and volunteers. If you would like to participate in either capacity, please contact us.