Choosing to become a member of UUCR means that you feel that this church makes a difference in your life, giving it greater strength, depth, significance and direction. It means you feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the liberal religious values this church represents. It means willingness to support the church with ideas, energy, time and money, so that these values can be realized in the world.

We encourage everyone who is interested in exploring membership to attend our popular Unitarian Universalist Basics Class – An Introduction to Our Faith (also know as our UU Basics class), facilitated by Rev. Hank Peirce and various lay leaders.  This class provides a chance to reflect on your individual spiritual journey, as well as learn about the history of Unitarian Universalism, discuss Unitarian Universalist beliefs, and learn more about our congregation.  The emphasis is on fun, information, and getting to know other people who are new to the church.  The UU Basics class is generally offered several times during the regular church year.  Of course, not everyone’s schedule may permit them to attend the UU Basics class, but we do encourage you to take the class if at all possible.  If you decide you would like to become a member, Rev. Hank also likes to meet with you to get to know you better, and to give you a chance to ask all the questions you might have.

Individuals age 14 and older may sign the Membership Book during our NEW MEMBER SUNDAY services.  You will also be entitled to vote (age 18 and older) about important issues facing our church at our semi-annual business meetings.

We hold three NEW MEMBER SUNDAY services each year, during which you can sign the membership book and be welcomed into the life of the church community.  After the service, new members are invited to celebrate with us at Coffee Hour.  To discuss membership in this church, arrange to sign the membership book, or inquire about the next UU Basics Class, please contact our Member Services and Volunteer Coordinator, Melissa Martin.



The Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading is its people. The talents, interests, and energy of our church family give it life and direction. Try serving on the committees that parent our many endeavors. Participate in group activities that may be of interest to you. Help out by volunteering to maintain constants like coffee hour, the chancel arrangement, and ushering. Become involved by teaching in our religious education program, or by making your own contribution of own special ideas and skills. We invite you to visit us, get involved and make good things happen!

UUCR Community