We meet as needed between October 15 and December 15.

We focus on providing a nice Christmas for children under the care of the Malden Department of Children and Families. We feel that by reaching out to children who would otherwise have a bleak Christmas, we feel we contribute in some small part to healing the world.

On the Sundays before and after Thanksgiving, friends and members will have an opportunity to choose a child or a family to sponsor. Some people may contribute money, which we use for gift cards and other items that are needed to “fill in the holes.” Still others will have the opportunity to just buy a single gift or two if that fits better into their time and budget.

The is a very busy committee in November and the first half of December, then it “disappears” for another year. Although there have been various helpers over the years, this is the first year that we actually have created a committee. The members will be taking a more extensive role in the whole process. This also allows for the beginning of a succession plan.

Co-chairs: Linda King & Sharyn Taitz