The Safe Congregation Committee is designed to promote the physical, interpersonal and emotional safety of the UUCR. This committee works at proactively addressing issues that involve safety in any form. We invite all church members to contact us if they have an issue, concern, or question which relates to issues of safety. We are a non-judgmental, validating, empathic forum designed to hear members’ concerns and work with the member, and any other party in the church, in coming to a helpful resolution. We strive to promote right and respectful relations within the church, as well as serve as a liaison to other committees at UUCR to enhance and facilitate honest communication, all in our effort to maintain UUCR as a nurturing, free, safe congregation. This gender-balanced committee is appointed by the Governing Board and typically consists of the Minister, Director of Religious Education, and 3 other members, one of whom is a Governing Board representative.

Co-Chairs: Molly Smith and Clyde Hardin