We work collaboratively with staff and lay leaders to support the mission of Religious Education at UUCR to ‘offer engaging and compelling religious education programming that will instill and support our Unitarian Universalist principles and sources.

In addition to our regular monthly meeting on the fourth Monday of the year, R.E. Committee members act as liaisons to age differentiated teaching teams, supporting volunteers, distributing resources and relevant communications. The R.E. Committee actively seeks ways to engage children and families into the life of the church and its work.

The R.E. Committee enjoys a diverse membership of volunteer leaders, each dedicated to supporting a life-affirming experience for children and youth in a spiritual, learning environment. Some members, though not all, are parents of children enrolled in programming. Several members have experience serving on the Governing Board. Some members actively lead R.E. classrooms while others keep the administration and communications of R.E. intact, effective and efficient. The R.E. Committee supports the mission of R.E. enthusiastically and creatively, ensuring that programming is safe, contemporary and accessible.

Contact Persons: Robyn Matzke, Theo Noell Co-Chairs