The Membership Team is led by Melissa Martin (Member Services staff member and Fearless Leader), and Alec Kealing (Committee Chair). We meet bi-monthly, with rotating dates based on the church calendar and our needs.
The Membership Team is dedicated to welcoming visitors and new members while working to nurture and sustain those members and friends who have chosen UUCR as their spiritual home. Led by our skilled, hard-working and beloved Membership Services and Volunteer Coordinator (MSC), we continue to support the mission of UUCR through these goals:

  • Welcoming. While we are a welcoming team, we share that role as part of a welcoming
    congregation. One of the largest part of this is overseeing our Usher volunteers, along with Coffee Hour.
  • Nurturing and Building Community. It is also the role of the Membership Team to support the Minister and MSC in
    coordinating and presenting UU Basics Classes. We offer our current iteration of this three times a year, in which we run a traditional UUBasics class in the morning, invite attendees to stay for lunch, and then run a separate workshop in the afternoon which allows members of staff and the Membership team to speak to items that specifically define UUCR, from social opportunities to our pledging format, from RE to the ever popular KK Fair.
  • On New Member Sundays, the Membership Team assists with providing and
    presenting flowers and gifts and participating in the welcoming ceremony.
  • Sustaining and Retaining Members. “Remembership” refers to the goal of hearing from current members and friends about their ongoing church experience and the effort that goes into congregant satisfaction. This responsibility is not our work alone but rather a collaboration among church leadership and staff with the other teams and committees. We continue to define and fulfill our role in that ongoing process and support the MSC in her work in this area.
  • Finally, the Membership Team works to collaborate with staff, leadership, and other committees/teams to focus on the rich and varied tapestry that weaves together the personal experiences of all members. Their fulfillment and satisfaction are key to the life of the church.