In the Interim

Ministerial Search: The Room Where It Happens*

In February and March, we will be conducting in-depth, in-person interviews with pre-candidates and hearing them preach. While we can’t have you with us “in the room where it happens,” we certainly value your input. Although we can’t tell you who the ministers are, we can use your questions during our interviews. What would you … Continued

Lead With the Heart: A Post-Election Sermon

A post-election sermon delivered on November 13, 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading by Rev. Catherine Senghas There has been a lot of pain this week, all around us. It’s not simply a matter of there not being a presidential candidate that a strong majority could rally around and feel joyous and hopeful … Continued

In the Interim, June 9, 2016

Dear members and friends at UUCR, I’ve lived in several different places as an adult and I always seem to boomerang back to southern New England as the place where the cycles of the seasons most synchronize with my own perennial rhythm.  The fall has that edgy crispness of “something challenging ahead” that helps me … Continued

In the Interim, June 16, 2016

Dear members and friends at UUCR, Last Sunday morning as we gathered for worship the news was still new and incomplete about events that had transpired overnight at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  The days since have brought a barrage of information, judgment, political rhetoric, and conflicting recommendations for preventing future such tragedies.  … Continued

In the Interim, June 2, 2016

Dear members and friends at UUCR, Matt Myer, our guest worship leader last Sunday, asked the provocative question “What does it look like to be a Unitarian Universalist on Tuesday?”  I’ve been thinking about his question each day this week, and today I asked myself “What does it look like to be a UU minister … Continued

Congratulations on your Ministerial Search Team

Dear members and friends at UUCR, What an amazing team you have chosen for your Ministerial Search Team (MST).  Any of the twelve nominees would have brought valuable gifts to the endeavor. I commend you for the great care you took around this process, and I commend everyone who was willing to serve.  You have … Continued