Announcing UUCR’s next Director of Lifespan Religious Education!

We are delighted to announce that Sally Liebermann will be joining the staff in August as the new Director of Lifespan Religious Education (DLRE).  Sally is currently the Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Haverhill, MA, where she has served for eleven years.
The DLRE search team was impressed with Sally’s experience and training and her deep familiarity with Unitarian Universalist religious education. Her warmth and perceptive listening skills shone through in our conversations during our several interview sessions.
We are grateful to the members of the search team – Katie Camire, Diane Chapin, Leia Davies, Molly Smith, and co-chairs Melissa Plowman and Theo Noell – for their dedication, flexibility, and care through the search process.  The strong program that the Religious Education team and Deb Weiner, Interim DLRE, have built during these past two and a half years continues on a steady course!
            Jane Jolkovski                                                      Rev. Catherine Senghas
Governing Board President                                  Interim Minister