This is an exciting time at UUCR! We are in search for our next settled minister. The transition period to find our next settled minister is two years long, during which we have our current interim minister, Reverend Catherine Senghas. The process started in 2015 with a year of self-reflection and space to let our hearts say goodbye to our last settled minister. It has followed in 2016 with an intense information gathering phase, learning about what this congregation is looking for in a new minister, and what our hopes and dreams are for the future. Then, during the winter of 2017, the search team will interview many candidates and select one candidate to be our next minister. The candidate will meet the congregation during candidating week (April 29th – May 7th, 2017), and church members will vote whether or not to call this candidate as our next settled minister.

The ministerial search team is made up of the following seven church members who the congregation, in combination with the governing board, elected in May 2016:

Left to right: George Marinakis, Survey Coordinator; Mary Wahlman-Krogh, Packet Editor; Laura Cavicchio, Arranger; Lorraine Dennis, Chair; Dakota Raine, Congregational Record Editor; David Oakes, Treasurer; Michele Catalano, Secretary.

Search process calendar:

September/October 2016 – Congregational survey and focus groups to gather information.

November 2016 – Summarize the data collected, and compose the Congregational Record, an online profile that gives a brief description of our church to ministers in search.

December 2016 – Create a comprehensive packet of information to share with ministers we are interested in interviewing.

January 2017 – Interview potential candidates and select 3-4 for pre-candidate weekends.

February/March 2017 – Hold 3-4 pre-candidate weekends, which are an entire weekend that our search team spends interviewing a candidate and hearing them preach.

April 2017 – Select one candidate, and bring them to the congregation for candidating week.

April 29 – May 7th, 2017 – Candidating Week: The ministerial candidate will preach two consecutive Sundays. During the week, the MST and church leaders will hold many gatherings so that members and friends have the opportunity to meet and talk with the candidate and we can get to know one another.

May 7th 2017 – Vote to call the new minister. If the vote is successful (candidate must get 95% of the congregation to vote “yes”), then the new minister will start in August 2017.

It is a complex and intense search process; if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Ministerial Search Team: